Paris Shop X Mad Lords

M.Cohen has taken its first major step into Paris with Mad Lords. A staple of the Paris fashion community, Mad Lords, noticed the increased demand for the M.Cohen brand in Europe and partnered together to open the M.Cohen Studio at Mad Lords.

The M.Cohen studio gives customers in Paris an authentic experience by curating custom displays that are rooted in the spirit of M.Cohen and filled with the finest M.Cohen accessories. Featuring the largest collection of M.Cohen pieces outside of the flagship store in West Hollywood the studio even includes several exclusive pieces that can only be found at Mad Lords. Designer, Maor Cohen, says, “With this a piece of Los Angeles will live in Paris - It’s a beautiful thing.”
Since the beginning of this partnership, M.Cohen has released each season’s newest styles, most recently the Tribe Collection, directly into the heart of Paris in the M.Cohen Studio at Mad Lords. Coming up in January 2017 the studio will showcase a special re-work collection, featuring gold and diamond versions of the most popular and striking M.Cohen pieces.

Mad Lords owner, Serge Muller, says, “This is a special partnership. M.Cohen has long been a top-seller at our store, and over the last year the growth has been so strong that we wanted to do everything possible to foster a deeper connection between our customers and the M.Cohen brand.”