The Concord Wrap

The Concord bracelet has become the most influential piece as well as the most popular for all our fans.  The Concord Wrap is and continues to be a staple in our main core collection with it's sterling silver beads with a hand made knotted cord for a design that is strong in durability and delicate in presentation. 

This piece emphasizes a California lifestyle that is created for all to experience and is a great starter piece for continued stacking with other styles.  The wrap has many uses and is worn as a wrap on the wrist, ankle or as a necklace.

This piece was constructed as a connector piece that ties other pieces together and is used in almost all stacks which M. Cohen is so famously known for.

The 4 Layer Knotted Wrap Bracelets pair oxidized-sterling silver beads with a knotted waxed-polyester cord, for a design that is as strong in durability as it is delicate in presentation. Aesthetic simplicity, the understated braided-toggle closure pairs perfect with any M. Cohen piece and stands out as a signature bracelet that is recognized around the world.