Exceptional ideas, relationships, and movements all begin with a spark - this is the essence of the Match Collection by M. Cohen. The unisex designs exemplify Maor Cohen’s unparalleled creative vision; and represent the potential, power and responsibility that are indicative of a matchstick.

The story behind the creation of the Match Collection is rooted in one chance moment of inspiration. After attending an art exhibit in Black Rock City Nevada during the Burning Man Festival, Maor Cohen was walking with a friend through the desert on what was a dark and cold night. They came upon a lone fire barrel, where they stopped for a moment of refuge from the frigid evening air. In no time, people from all walks of life began to gather around the fire – taking in the warmth while sharing perspectives on life, art, growth, and philosophy. After departing from the congregation to make way back to his camp, Maor found himself reflecting on that special moment. It was then that he starting thinking about quintessence of fire – its warmth, its strength, and its attractive qualities. With this, Maor looked to the most simplistic vessel for such a powerful force – a matchstick. In both his personal life and career, Maor recognized an abundance of friends, family, colleagues, and peers who all possessed the ability to do tremendous things. He immediately felt compelled to express his inspiration in a way that would help spark a fire in others – creatively, socially, professionally, and philanthropically.

Through his creative gift of jewelry design, he set out to deliver a collection that would have such an influence. So from that unexpected gathering around a fire barrel in the desert, Maor Cohen’s artistic ambition has been sparked more than ever before. With that, he wants to inspire others to be a force in the world around them. In sharing each special handmade piece within the Match Collection, Maor is asking…What does it mean to Be Striking?