November 16, 2015

Announcement: The Monarch Collection Is Here

After a summer that was highlighted by the release of a special edition Burning Man necklace and several new curated looks in the M. Cohen Stacks series, many fashion enthusiasts and loyal M. Cohen customers have been awaiting something big from our studio. 

Now, with the fall months upon us and winter fast approaching, we're excited to finally unveil one of our largest releases to date - The Monarch Collection.

The designs have been in the works for almost a year, as Maor pulled inspiration from nature and history throughout his creative process. The Monarch Collection is comprised of statement pieces that work well as standalone accessories, or as compliments to existing M. Cohen jewelry. While every piece has its own story, the collection is more about what each ring, bracelet or necklace will say about the individual wearing it.

Given how seamless Monarch pairs with other M. Cohen collections, it is easy to see some influence from series like: Barcode, Passage or Core. When examined closely however, the identity of many pieces within Monarch can be seen as reflections of nature, or as links to historical periods in which knights and royalty were the most captivating figures of their time. While the approach to design is completely modern, the Monarch Collection is a reminder that true values remain timeless.

Make a statement about your character with the Monarch Collection today.


October 19, 2015

A Gift Of Love For My Burner Family...

A tiny piece of something huge can make major differences in subtle ways. On the surface that statement may seem a bit complex, but the story behind the Merkabah necklace makes it far easier to comprehend. Simply stated, this gift that I have shared with friends old and new is a force of love – with that in mind, it can change your entire life.

It began at Burning Man 2013, where a remarkable display of basalt served as the centerpiece to a spiritual temple in the Black Rock City desert. These brilliant, dark rocks absorbed the energies of thousands of visitors from all over: joy, hope, freedom, honesty, creativity, strength and acceptance. Each individual who came in contact with the stones gave a bit of themselves in the process.

Burning Man 2013 Temple - A Source Of Inspiration 

After the temple was set ablaze during the closing ceremonies of Burning Man, and the remaining embers settled, pieces of the basalt remained amongst the ashes. While volunteering to clean up the temple’s remnants, I was drawn to the lustrous shards of stone that sat in the center of it all – they were truly magnetic. From the ash, I retrieved a piece of the remaining rock and carried it away for safe keeping, with the long-term goal of using its undeniable power to positively influence the lives of others.

For two years I let this spiritual treasure rest, until a spark of inspiration charged my soul this past August. Just a few weeks prior to Burning Man 2015 I realized that it was my calling to use art as a platform to spread the power of this rock, and to do so in a way that was not only authentic to my being, but that would also amplify the powers of this basalt. I began to chisel small bits of basalt and place them into the pendants that were modeled after the, Merkabah, a divine light vehicle used to connect to higher realms.

For me, this formation is not one of legend but rather of undeniable truth. The Merkabah represents clarity, in that it filters out negative energy and helps to preserve positive energy. By using it as a vessel for the basalt stones, I believe it takes the spirit and emotion captured from countless burners two years ago and preserves that in a way that will empower and enrich the lives of those wearing the necklaces. As many of my friends already know, this was my gift to the burner community, and one that I hope will have a lasting legacy for years to come.

Still, with my insatiable desire to always create, I have thoughtfully curated a series of necklaces to accompany the original Merkabah & Stone pendant for a look that is as vibrant as the spirit of each piece. For my fellow burners who received the pendant and those who just want to commemorate the 2015 Burn, you can now do so with our Burning Man 2015 Commemorative Necklace; featuring 20 cornerless silver beads and 15 mini-antique beads. 

Choose a look that best suits you, order your necklace and wear it proudly as you share your energy with the world. As my gift, use the promo code “BURNER” for a special discount. As always, stay blessed my friends.

Burning Man Necklace - M. Cohen Designs

October 14, 2015

The Newest Looks In Layered Bracelets

M. Cohen Designs has long been a pioneer in shaping the layering trend in men's jewelry. In 2014 we launched #MCohenStacks as a speciality series of bracelets curated by our designer, Maor Cohen, which offer remarkable looks that tell interesting stories about the individuals who wear them. The grouped pieces within the M. Cohen Stacks Collection have quickly become some of our top-sellers and favorites amongst fashion enthusiasts across the globe.

Now, just in time for fall and winter we are releasing five new stacks that utilize different pieces from across our entire portfolio of bracelets. These new layered looks merge different elements together perfectly, offering something for everyone's tastes. From edgy to elegant, vibrant to subtle, M. Cohen Stacks define the category of unisex jewelry and bracelet layering. 

Own our newest stacks today:

Serengeti Stack

Starboard Stack

Spectrum Stack

Lawless Stack

Purgatory Stack


September 29, 2015

Family, Fashion and Fire - Burning Man 2015

Another year and another burn. As always, Burning Man has a special meaning to each individual who takes part in the annual festivities. For me, the 2015 experience was very unique. It was a last minute decision to join my family within the Merkabah Camp, but the influence of some of my closest loved ones brought me back to Black Rock City for another remarkable and thought-provoking adventure in the desert.

This year I was reminded of one fundamental truth - what we do is not nearly as important as how we make others feel. At Burning Man this comes in many forms: inspiration, love, honesty and empowerment - all of which are foundation pieces for my jewelry designs with M. Cohen.

Seeing so many beautiful and creative spirits come together is a rare thing. From connecting with old friends to building new bonds, 2015 Burning Man certainly touched my heart. Those relationships extend beyond friendship; they are tribal ties. So with that in mind, I have spent this entire week reflecting on the takeaways from this year's burn - the family, the fashion and the fire. Check out some of the  @MCohenDesigns designs photos from Burning Man 2015, courtesy of @StacieHess:

Wanderlust Fashion Burning Man 2015

Burning Man Fashion 2015

Maor Cohen - Burning Man 2015 Outfit

Man and Woman at Burning Man 2015


June 23, 2015

Announcement: M. Cohen x Fred Segal | Coming Soon...

As always, traveling to Asia proved to be as inspirational as it was fruitful. The trip made for a great opportunity to connect with friends old and new, while showcasing the latest M. Cohen designs. 

With this, everyone at M. Cohen is pleased to announce a special upcoming collaboration in development between M. Cohen and Fred Segal Tokyo. Maor is back to working on new custom designs to ensure that M. Cohen x Fred Segal is a collaboration that fashion enthusiasts across the globe will appreciate. We look forward to sharing behind the scenes looks of the design process, so follow us on Instagram to stay up to date on what’s coming next.


June 15, 2015

For The Fathers.

To be a father is to be a provider, a mentor, a supporter, a listener, a protector, a leader and an educator. To be a father is to be a foundation for growth.

At M. Cohen, we’re celebrating Father’s Day with a limited time special of our divergent-cut gemstone bracelets for only $200. Celebrate the important men in your world with these artfully crafted designs, each with unique properties that symbolize a far deeper gift for the males who mean so much to us all.

  • Amazonite = Harmony & Communication
  • Onyx = Positivity & Energy
  • Pyrite = Clarity & Stability
  • Tiger Eye = Fortune & Creativity
  • Hematite = Relationships & Protection
  • Matte Onyx = Positivity & Energy
  • Labradorite = Confidence & Intuition

Know the meanings; now shop the looks here. Use Promo Code: FB35

June 04, 2015

Men's Designer x Girls' Generation

This past week was all about new relationships for M. Cohen. While traveling through Asia Maor spent time with new friends, and connected with Sunny, from the iconic K-Pop group, Girls' Generation.

A night out on the town filled with good people and great conversation about music, art, life and fashion. Sunny, became one of the first people to have an exclusive look at the latest M. Cohen collections, and some of the new projects Maor is working on specifically for women's fashion; the feedback was tremendous. 

Exciting things in the works; check back to our blog for more news on Maor's travels and upcoming releases.  


May 22, 2015

Thousands Of Words About Our GBS | CIDP Campaign

We’re incredibly thankful for all the support we’ve received for our #BeLiveBelieve campaign. 

In-store and online, we’ve had friends, family and new customers from all over the globe getting involved. The feedback has been tremendous, but we’re just getting started. While May is GBS | CIDP Awareness month, our mission to take fashion forward for this cause is ongoing.

If you have yet to order your bracelet, shop for it now! And of course, post photos wearing the bracelet on your social media with the hashtag: #BeLiveBelieve

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, take a look at the images below to see what some people have been saying about GBS | CIDP over the past few weeks.






May 01, 2015

M. Cohen and The GBS | CIDP Foundation



M. Cohen Designs is pleased to announce the launch of an exclusive bracelet that will raise funds and awareness for the GBS | CIDP foundation.

This foundation is dedicated to the thousands of individuals suffering from Guillian-Barré syndrome, an acute inflammatory disease that affects the peripheral nerves.

For Maor, this campaign is about more than just using his craft to do something positive; it truly hits home as his son, Levi, was diagnosed with GBS in 2014.

The initial realization that Levi was sick came as a shock, as one day during lunch he lost motor skills and could not reach to grab a balloon. After being rushed to the hospital, he began a four-month journey of extensive testing between Cedars-Sinai, UCLA and UC San Francisco before finally being diagnosed. Now, after months of treatment and rehabilitation, Levi is beginning to return to his bright and positive self. He still remains in rehab five days a week, but his spirit is strong.

With that in mind, Maor was inspired to create something for the foundation that represents the resilience it takes for individuals affected by the disease to persevere through it.

This bracelet speaks to that.

Be (strong). Live (to the fullest). Believe (you will recover).

Designed in light grey and sky blue colors, the extra durable silken-poly bands are accented with a brass bead closure that displays both the M. Cohen logo and that of GBS | CIDP.

A portion of all proceeds will be donated to the GBS | CIDP foundation in support of their mission provide those affected with access to early and accurate diagnosis, appropriate and affordable treatment, and knowledgeable support services.

Help us to take fashion forward, for a great cause that needs our support.

Buy Your Limited Edition Bracelet Now.

Post photos wearing the bracelet to social media with the hashtag #BeLiveBelieve

Follow @MCohenDesigns on Instagram and Facebook for the latest! 

Thanks for your support!


March 10, 2015

M. Cohen Careers: Wholesale & Brand Manager

With an excellent reputation for brand building and business development, the Wholesale & Brand Manager will spearhead all outside sales initiatives to increase product awareness and drive sales – both domestically and internationally. The role will be based in Los Angeles, but may require local, national and foreign, travel 50% - 75% of the time. This role is integral to the growth of the brand within the high-end fashion market, with target cities including: Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Miami, New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Paris, Milan, Tokyo, Monaco, Geneva and Dubai.

Qualified candidates will have a track record of exceeding sales quotas, experience in representing high-end fashion brands, a proven ability to penetrate new markets, a firm understanding of existing and emerging trends, and excellent interpersonal skills to both cultivate and nurture relationships.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Report to the Operations Director and Designer to meet quarterly sales goals
  • Build on existing retail accounts throughout target US cities
  • Attend tradeshows to represent the brand, showcase seasonal releases and source new business
  • Serve as the point of contact for all wholesale inquiries, orders, complaints, and product questions
  • Work with creative team to assure all marketing collateral is consistent and cohesive with the brand vision
  • Build and maintain a database of stockists and retailers
  • Develop and execute a strategic outreach plan for contacting target retailers and sales leads
  • Maintain a feel for the pulse of the fashion industry, and a sound awareness of opportunities and threats in the market
  • Provide competitor analysis to help shape sales and branding initiatives
  • Negotiate terms of sale, credit, returns, margins and volume to assure efficient operations and positively impact the business’ bottom line
  • Work with production for the processing, management, completion and delivery of all orders in a timely fashion


  • A minimum of 3-5 years experience in a wholesale management or brand management role within the fashion or luxury consumer goods sector
  • Tremendous interpersonal skills with excellent follow up
  • Meticulous project management and organizational skills
  • Ability to thrive in a fast-paced environment with goals and quotas
  • Great relationship building skills in working with internal and external stakeholders
  • Strong computer skills (MS Office: Excel, Word, Outlook, PowerPoint)
  • Excellent presentation and communication skills
  • Very strong analytical and negotiation skills
  • Polished presentation and the highest level of punctuality and professionalism
  • Enthusiastic, personable, and extremely ambitious
  • Existing book of business in men’s fashion and/or accessories is preferred

Only qualified candidates will be considered. Apply with resume/CV, photo and brief career summary to: