Fundamentals: The Top Looks You Must Own!

The Best Jewelry For Men

The most common question we receive at M. Cohen is, "What are your top selling bracelets?" With hundreds of styles to choose from there are an endless number of combinations you can layer to create a standout look that speaks to your individual style. But still, some timeless classics seem to work well in almost any stack and with almost any outfit. Whether you're a wanderlust at heart who lives on the edge with a rougher wardrobe, or your smart ensemble is meant to project the presence of a sophisticated gentleman with distinguished taste, there are some undeniable jewelry accents that can work for for both. 

M. Cohen Fundamentals offers a simple way to identify the top looks from our diverse collection, so that you can find the most tasteful way to start your stack, or the best way to add a solid layer to the wrist wear you're already owning. 

Take a look at the Fundamentals Tab and shop the requisite looks that are must-owns for your everyday accessory plans.