Announcement: The Monarch Collection Is Here

After a summer that was highlighted by the release of a special edition Burning Man necklace and several new curated looks in the M. Cohen Stacks series, many fashion enthusiasts and loyal M. Cohen customers have been awaiting something big from our studio. 

Now, with the fall months upon us and winter fast approaching, we're excited to finally unveil one of our largest releases to date - The Monarch Collection.

The designs have been in the works for almost a year, as Maor pulled inspiration from nature and history throughout his creative process. The Monarch Collection is comprised of statement pieces that work well as standalone accessories, or as compliments to existing M. Cohen jewelry. While every piece has its own story, the collection is more about what each ring, bracelet or necklace will say about the individual wearing it.

Given how seamless Monarch pairs with other M. Cohen collections, it is easy to see some influence from series like: Barcode, Passage or Core. When examined closely however, the identity of many pieces within Monarch can be seen as reflections of nature, or as links to historical periods in which knights and royalty were the most captivating figures of their time. While the approach to design is completely modern, the Monarch Collection is a reminder that true values remain timeless.

Make a statement about your character with the Monarch Collection today.