A Gift Of Love For My Burner Family...

A tiny piece of something huge can make major differences in subtle ways. On the surface that statement may seem a bit complex, but the story behind the Merkabah necklace makes it far easier to comprehend. Simply stated, this gift that I have shared with friends old and new is a force of love – with that in mind, it can change your entire life.

It began at Burning Man 2013, where a remarkable display of basalt served as the centerpiece to a spiritual temple in the Black Rock City desert. These brilliant, dark rocks absorbed the energies of thousands of visitors from all over: joy, hope, freedom, honesty, creativity, strength and acceptance. Each individual who came in contact with the stones gave a bit of themselves in the process.

Burning Man 2013 Temple - A Source Of Inspiration 

After the temple was set ablaze during the closing ceremonies of Burning Man, and the remaining embers settled, pieces of the basalt remained amongst the ashes. While volunteering to clean up the temple’s remnants, I was drawn to the lustrous shards of stone that sat in the center of it all – they were truly magnetic. From the ash, I retrieved a piece of the remaining rock and carried it away for safe keeping, with the long-term goal of using its undeniable power to positively influence the lives of others.

For two years I let this spiritual treasure rest, until a spark of inspiration charged my soul this past August. Just a few weeks prior to Burning Man 2015 I realized that it was my calling to use art as a platform to spread the power of this rock, and to do so in a way that was not only authentic to my being, but that would also amplify the powers of this basalt. I began to chisel small bits of basalt and place them into the pendants that were modeled after the, Merkabah, a divine light vehicle used to connect to higher realms.

For me, this formation is not one of legend but rather of undeniable truth. The Merkabah represents clarity, in that it filters out negative energy and helps to preserve positive energy. By using it as a vessel for the basalt stones, I believe it takes the spirit and emotion captured from countless burners two years ago and preserves that in a way that will empower and enrich the lives of those wearing the necklaces. As many of my friends already know, this was my gift to the burner community, and one that I hope will have a lasting legacy for years to come.

Still, with my insatiable desire to always create, I have thoughtfully curated a series of necklaces to accompany the original Merkabah & Stone pendant for a look that is as vibrant as the spirit of each piece. For my fellow burners who received the pendant and those who just want to commemorate the 2015 Burn, you can now do so with our Burning Man 2015 Commemorative Necklace; featuring 20 cornerless silver beads and 15 mini-antique beads. 

Choose a look that best suits you, order your necklace and wear it proudly as you share your energy with the world. As my gift, use the promo code “BURNER” for a special discount. As always, stay blessed my friends.

Burning Man Necklace - M. Cohen Designs