For The Fathers.

To be a father is to be a provider, a mentor, a supporter, a listener, a protector, a leader and an educator. To be a father is to be a foundation for growth.

At M. Cohen, we’re celebrating Father’s Day with a limited time special of our divergent-cut gemstone bracelets for only $200. Celebrate the important men in your world with these artfully crafted designs, each with unique properties that symbolize a far deeper gift for the males who mean so much to us all.

  • Amazonite = Harmony & Communication
  • Onyx = Positivity & Energy
  • Pyrite = Clarity & Stability
  • Tiger Eye = Fortune & Creativity
  • Hematite = Relationships & Protection
  • Matte Onyx = Positivity & Energy
  • Labradorite = Confidence & Intuition

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