M. Cohen and The GBS | CIDP Foundation



M. Cohen Designs is pleased to announce the launch of an exclusive bracelet that will raise funds and awareness for the GBS | CIDP foundation.

This foundation is dedicated to the thousands of individuals suffering from Guillian-Barré syndrome, an acute inflammatory disease that affects the peripheral nerves.

For Maor, this campaign is about more than just using his craft to do something positive; it truly hits home as his son, Levi, was diagnosed with GBS in 2014.

The initial realization that Levi was sick came as a shock, as one day during lunch he lost motor skills and could not reach to grab a balloon. After being rushed to the hospital, he began a four-month journey of extensive testing between Cedars-Sinai, UCLA and UC San Francisco before finally being diagnosed. Now, after months of treatment and rehabilitation, Levi is beginning to return to his bright and positive self. He still remains in rehab five days a week, but his spirit is strong.

With that in mind, Maor was inspired to create something for the foundation that represents the resilience it takes for individuals affected by the disease to persevere through it.

This bracelet speaks to that.

Be (strong). Live (to the fullest). Believe (you will recover).

Designed in light grey and sky blue colors, the extra durable silken-poly bands are accented with a brass bead closure that displays both the M. Cohen logo and that of GBS | CIDP.

A portion of all proceeds will be donated to the GBS | CIDP foundation in support of their mission provide those affected with access to early and accurate diagnosis, appropriate and affordable treatment, and knowledgeable support services.

Help us to take fashion forward, for a great cause that needs our support.

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