M. Cohen Presents: Exclusive Looks For Coachella 2016

Every spring, Indio, California becomes a destination for the free-spirited to converge in celebration of cultural diversity, art, music, and fashion. Regardless of the lines that so often divide us in our daily lives, for two weeks in April, there is an undeniable energy in the desert that is shared by tens of thousands. It is a display of youthful exuberance unlike anything else. Here, personalities are amplified. With arms in the air, a sea of bodies collectively move to powerful guitar lines and percussion tracks that permeate through speakers. A lighthearted vibe pervades the air. Each moment is a canvas, on which people from all walks of life paint lasting memories. Cameras capture it all. Foreign hands becoming intertwined, the collective light shining from a cornucopia of smiling faces, unique outfits curated by fashion-savvy liberated souls, and the beauty of motion that comes when synchronized masses find synergy with a beat. 

This is unbridled expression. This is Coachella

To love it is to be part of it. With that in mind, M. Cohen is excited to share a thoughtfully paired series of bracelets exclusively for Coachella 2016. Two classic pieces, the Knotted 4-Layer Silver Stamped Bracelet and the African Vinyl Disc Bracelet, fashioned in vibrant color combinations of: electric yellow with summer white, and neon orange with skyline blue. 

These paired pieces will only be available now through April 30th at the special rate of $200.00, both in-store and online. 

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Coachella Fashion - Layered Bracelets by M. Cohen of Los AngelesCoachella Fashion - Neon Bracelet Stacks By M. Cohen Jewelry in Los Angeles