March 01, 2017

Introducing: The Create Collection

M.Cohen brings you: The Create Collection


Without meaning to, even without noticing, we all grow. We become new and fantastic, evolving in a way both natural and awe-inspiringly beautiful. The Create Collection from M.Cohen embodies our growth, our change, our humanity, and our incorruptible ties to nature that spur us ever forward. Embrace your growth; create yourself.

Over the next month we will release interviews with creators from around Los Angeles who helped inspire this collection.

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August 11, 2016


 Maor Cohen modeling the best men's fashion at Burning Man.

Fashion is art. Art is expression. Expression is liberating. 

Burning Man is the culmination of all these things, with people from all walks of life coming together as free spirits in Black Rock City Desert once a year. While the celebrations expand and the creative embers burning brighter each year, the Burning Man community continually grows. Collectively The Playa becomes one, but the power of that union is grounded on the unique characters who bring their own purpose and sense of style to each burn. 

This year, in anticipation of Burning Man 2016, M. Cohen has curated five special stacks of bracelets, designed with the vibe of The Playa in mind, but more importantly with a symbolic story to amplify the intent of those wearing them. 

All five artfully-designed looks, include three handmade bracelets, are specially priced at just $500, and are only available for a limited time. 

Now, Find Your Purpose:

"To Impact"

Handmade bracelets designed for Burning Man.

"To Protect"

Casted alligator skin and layered bracelets for Burning Man. 

"To Bond"

Brass casted cuff and layered bracelets designed for Burning Man.

"To Spark"

Casted brass match bangle and layered bracelets for Burning Man

"To Open"

Casted brass key and layered bracelets designed for Burning Man.

August 02, 2016

Fundamentals: The Top Looks You Must Own!

The Best Jewelry For Men

The most common question we receive at M. Cohen is, "What are your top selling bracelets?" With hundreds of styles to choose from there are an endless number of combinations you can layer to create a standout look that speaks to your individual style. But still, some timeless classics seem to work well in almost any stack and with almost any outfit. Whether you're a wanderlust at heart who lives on the edge with a rougher wardrobe, or your smart ensemble is meant to project the presence of a sophisticated gentleman with distinguished taste, there are some undeniable jewelry accents that can work for for both. 

M. Cohen Fundamentals offers a simple way to identify the top looks from our diverse collection, so that you can find the most tasteful way to start your stack, or the best way to add a solid layer to the wrist wear you're already owning. 

Take a look at the Fundamentals Tab and shop the requisite looks that are must-owns for your everyday accessory plans. 



June 08, 2016

M. Cohen Brings The Vibe of Tribe to Paris

We are pleased to announce that the M. Cohen Studio at Mad Lords Paris will be hosting the official European launch of the Tribe Collection on June 23.

In line with the theme of our Los Angeles in-store event on May 19, Maor and our team will be working with our friends at Mad Lords, to bring a spirited and authentic experience to the customers of France. This is more than just an opportunity to first view this meticulously detailed collection of jewelry, it is the chance to be immersed in love, inspiration and artistic expression. It goes beyond just shopping the latest designs that will impact the landscape of the men's fashion industry, it is an invitation to be part of a community.

This is tribe. You are welcomed and encouraged to join.

M. Cohen - Handmade Jewelry From Los Angeles in Paris


Mad Lords Paris - Party with Los Angeles Accessory Brand, M. Cohen



May 23, 2016

Tribe Collection: The Experience. The Look. The Ritual.

M. Cohen is proud to unveil the newest series of jewelry from our Los Angeles studio, the Tribe Collection. Sharply-designed bracelets, bangles, necklaces and chokers for both men and women, Tribe draws from the art and culture of Sub-Saharan African and American Indian indigenous communities. Combined with his deep love for friends and family, along with his roots in the Burning Man community, Maor Cohen brought together all of these sources of inspiration to create designs that possess the power to bond. 

Tribe is a reminder of how beautiful it is to come together as one. These symbols stay with us, guide us, and shape our identities.

So for everyone, Tribe is a family, a mindset and a lifestyle.

Tribe is your everyday ritual. 

We were blessed to launch this amazing collection on 5/19/16 at the M. Cohen Studio in Los Angeles, CA. It was a tremendous party, with many of our friends, industry peers, media figures and valued guests in attendance. Many thanks to everyone who helped make the night magical, including our DJ, Eduardo Castillo, and our sponsors, GEM&BOLT and WTRMLN WTR.

Shop the collection here, and below, view photos from this special event:

Launch party for M. Cohen Tribe Collection in West Hollywood

DJ Eduardo Castillo performing in Los Angeles at M. Cohen in-store event.Josh Hutchinson seen in West Hollywood at M. Cohen jewelry storeParty at the top jewelry store in Los Angeles, M. Cohen DesignsGEM&BOLT Mescal and Tribal Jewelry by M. Cohen DesignsA group of Hollywood's most fashionable models at M. Cohen

In-store event at Maor's Cohen's studio in West HollywoodJohn Varvatos Los Angeles at M. Cohen Designs jewelry storeElectronic artist, Natalia Benson, Ninth Child, at M. Cohen in Los AngelesMaor Cohen of M. Cohen Designs and Kobi Danan of Sound Cloud in Los AngelesAlbert Dahan of Joe's Jeans and SLNK Jeans at M. Cohen in Los Angeles

M. Cohen Designs on West 3rd Street in Los AngelesA look inside M. Cohen's Los Angeles showroomFashion figures in Hollywood at M. Cohen DesignsLos Angeles models at the M. Cohen in-store event in West HollywoodMaor Cohen inside his Los Angeles accessory storeActor, Robert Paul Taylor, at M. Cohen Designs in West Hollywood

GEM&BOLT Mescal at M. Cohen in Los Angeles CaliforniaLA Models at M. Cohen Designs in West HollywoodThe launch of M. Cohen Tribe Collection in Los AngelesMaor Cohen unveils his Tribe Collection

The M. Cohen Tribe Collection release event in West HollywoodGuests at Maor Cohen's jewelry store in West HollywoodGuests shopping for accessories at M. Cohen in Los AngelesLos Angeles fashion figures in attendance at M. Cohen launch eventBenjamin Kemp, DJ Smiles and DJ MixMason at M. Cohen Event in Los AngelesGuests attending M. Cohen event, gather in front of Variable Shop Los Angeles

Artist, Juan Justicia, at M. Cohen in-store event in Los AngelesGuests posing in front of tribal photos at M. Cohen launch eventLos Angeles nightlife meets fashion at M. Cohen event.Beyonce's WTRMLN WTR and M. Cohen jewelryShopping for men's accessories at M. Cohen Los Angeles

Los Angeles models in attendance at M. Cohen's West Hollywood storeModel, Mikey Grand, at M. Cohen Designs in Los AngelesStraight Outta Compton Actor, Aldis Hodge, at M. Cohen in Los AngelesGuests at the M. Cohen Tribe Collection launch event

Benjamin Kemp of Los Angeles Marketing Company, Stitch & PenInside the M. Cohen jewelry store in Los Angeles Fashion enthusiasts visiting M. Cohen Los AngelesA photo of Grace Cotton from the M. Cohen Tribe Collection lookbook

Actress and Singer Kristina Dow, at M. Cohen Designs in Los AngelesGuests view new designs at the best jewelry store in West HollywoodModel, Mikey Grand, posing with his lookbook picture for M. Cohen TribeThe M. Cohen Designs team at their Los Angeles store

WTRMLN WTR and GEM&BOLT sponsoring M. Cohen Tribe Launch eventGuest at the in-store activation for M. Cohen's Tribe CollectionShopping for men's accessories in Los Angeles at M. CohenLos Angeles EDM DJ, Natalia Benson, at M. Cohen in West HollywoodTop figures in Los Angeles fashion, visiting M. Cohen in West Hollywood

Guests drinking GEM&BOLT Mezcal at M. Cohen in Los AngelesIn front of the M. Cohen store on West 3rd Street in Los AngelesShopping for men's fashion at M. Cohen in Los AngelesMen's fashion on display at the M. Cohen boutique in Los AngelesActor, Robert Paul Taylor, and friends at M. Cohen Designs in Los AngelesInside the M. Cohen design studio in West HollywoodDesigners in West Hollywood at M. CohenMen shopping for accessories at the M. Cohen jewelry store

Buying M. Cohen jewelry for men and womenThe M. Cohen launch party of the Tribe CollectionGuests at M. Cohen's Los Angeles accessory boutiqueModels at the M. Cohen Designs, Tribe Launch event




April 19, 2016

Official Release: M. Cohen x Aishti


April 19, 2016                                   Los Angeles PR Contact: Benjamin Kemp, 323-782-0600

M. Cohen Brings New Layered Looks To The Middle East

(LOS ANGELES, CA) – M. Cohen has announced a new partnership with international fashion retailer, Aishti, to bring a special collection of jewelry to stores throughout the Middle East.

The partnership, which first came to fruition in March of 2016, was sparked by a growing consumer demand in M. Cohen’s online business amongst Middle Eastern customers. The decision to collaborate with Aishti was made with the focus of serving fashion-savvy customers in that region, as the retailer has high-end boutiques in such cities as Beirut, Amman, Dubai and Kuwait City. M. Cohen Communications Director, Benjamin Kemp, stated, “We saw our online shopping from the Middle East grow by over 30% in the fourth quarter of 2015, and our flagship store in Los Angeles has become a prime destination for affluent international shoppers who are gravitating towards the layered looks M. Cohen is known for. The natural progression was to find the right partner to work with overseas, in order to provide a more intimate shopping experience to those consumers.”

Designer, Maor Cohen, stated, “When I look at Aishti, I see how large their market presence is, and I also recognize their taste in selecting brands to stock. We know our clientele, and M. Cohen pairs well the current looks of brands like Saint Laurent, Alexander McQueen, Marc Jacobs and Rag & Bone, so this alignment makes perfect sense for both of our companies.” Aishti is now carrying M. Cohen in select stores through Beirut, with plans to expand to other areas by fall of 2016.

To view the latest collections of M. Cohen jewelry visit:, and for additional details on Aishti stores, visit:

Aishti and M. Cohen - High-end men's accessories in the Middle East


March 23, 2016

M. Cohen Presents: Exclusive Looks For Coachella 2016

Every spring, Indio, California becomes a destination for the free-spirited to converge in celebration of cultural diversity, art, music, and fashion. Regardless of the lines that so often divide us in our daily lives, for two weeks in April, there is an undeniable energy in the desert that is shared by tens of thousands. It is a display of youthful exuberance unlike anything else. Here, personalities are amplified. With arms in the air, a sea of bodies collectively move to powerful guitar lines and percussion tracks that permeate through speakers. A lighthearted vibe pervades the air. Each moment is a canvas, on which people from all walks of life paint lasting memories. Cameras capture it all. Foreign hands becoming intertwined, the collective light shining from a cornucopia of smiling faces, unique outfits curated by fashion-savvy liberated souls, and the beauty of motion that comes when synchronized masses find synergy with a beat. 

This is unbridled expression. This is Coachella

To love it is to be part of it. With that in mind, M. Cohen is excited to share a thoughtfully paired series of bracelets exclusively for Coachella 2016. Two classic pieces, the Knotted 4-Layer Silver Stamped Bracelet and the African Vinyl Disc Bracelet, fashioned in vibrant color combinations of: electric yellow with summer white, and neon orange with skyline blue. 

These paired pieces will only be available now through April 30th at the special rate of $200.00, both in-store and online. 

Shop For Coachella Now.

Coachella Fashion - Layered Bracelets by M. Cohen of Los AngelesCoachella Fashion - Neon Bracelet Stacks By M. Cohen Jewelry in Los Angeles

March 02, 2016

In The Eye Of Jewelry

This past month M. Cohen had the pleasure of being interviewed by Eleonor Picciotto, from The Eye of Jewelry. The feature was very unique, as it unveiled different layers of the character that makes up Maor Cohen. This interview was a refreshing conversation about design, family, inspiration, fashion and what it is like to be a burner. To take a deeper look into the brand and the man behind the brand, check out the full feature, here. 

Maor Cohen - Men's Fashion at Burning Man

February 04, 2016

M. Cohen x Mad Lords | Los Angeles x Paris

Take a look at the official launch of the M. Cohen Studio in Mad Lords Paris. It was a tremendous event filled with many friends, old and new. Located at 316 Rue Saint Honoré, 75001 Paris, France, Mad Lords is nestled away in the courtyard of a 17th century building that is rich with history. Fittingly, the boutique is accented with thought-provoking art, vintage furniture and a unique array of accessories that will even captivate individuals with the most scrupulous tastes. The M. Cohen shop-in-shop adds a unique fusion Los Angeles spirit and globally inspired flare, with displays showcasing an array of Maor’s most popular and rare jewelry designs.

Many thanks to photographer, Julio Piatti, and the entire Mad Lords team for helping to make this launch such a huge success.

January 27, 2016

Official Release: M. Cohen in Paris


January 26, 2016                                      Los Angeles PR Contact: Benjamin Kemp, 323-782-0600

M. Cohen Brings L.A. Men’s Fashion To New Paris Store

(LOS ANGELES, CA) – Renowned men’s accessory designer, Maor Cohen, has partnered with Mad Lords of Paris to bring Los Angeles influence to France, with his signature layered looks and new cutting-edge jewelry collections.

On Wednesday January 27, the M. Cohen Studio at Mad Lords will be unveiled for the first time – bringing the essence of Cohen’s popular West Hollywood boutique to one of Paris’ top destinations for men’s fashion. The decision to launch this shop-in-shop concept came in response to the burgeoning popularity and increased demand for the brand in Europe. Cohen said, “Last year at Pitti Uomo it was exciting to see how much we had grown; with so many influencers that I respect wearing M. Cohen jewelry, I knew it was time to expand. Mad Lords’ location and appreciation for style made for a perfect synergy with my core vision. ”

Mad Lords owner, Serge Muller, stated, “This is going to be a special partnership. M. Cohen has long been a top-seller at our store, and over the last year the growth has been so strong that we wanted to do everything possible to foster a deeper connection between our customers and the M. Cohen brand.” The M. Cohen Studio at Mad Lords will have the most robust selection of M. Cohen accessories in Paris, including all core collections, as well as new designs exclusive to boutique.

Cohen continued by saying, “We’re giving customers an authentic experience by curating custom displays that are rooted in the spirit of M. Cohen, and filling them with an eclectic mix of our finest accessories. A piece of Los Angeles will live in Paris – it’s a beautiful thing.”

For more details on the M. Cohen x Mad Lords partnership, e-mail:

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